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Optional Picnic Upgrades

One of our favorite things about the options we've provided for your picnic is just that; there are so many options.  Our base package includes everything you need to enjoy a luxurious picnic in a breath-taking setting, and you're more than welcome to provide all of your food and beverage in addition to your bottle of complimentary sparkling water. But we're eager to provide some additional options, to customize your experience to your liking. All of these options are available to add during checkout.

Desserts Platter

EPH_4950 (1).jpg

Choice Cakes brings the sweet tooth to your experience, with this decadent array of cupcakes, bonbons and mini cake.  Pictured here is for a picnic of two. Choice Cakes offers many options for any dessert need. Check out her specialized menu here. Reach out to us and tell us what you're looking for!

Charcuterie Board+ More

EPH_4925 (1).jpg

Only 22% of the US population can actually pronounce it (that's a 100% fictitious stat), but who doesn't love these things?! We create them for your enjoyment plus many other options with Azafrán Chef. You can check out options here, or send a message for a customized order!

Board Games

EPH_5019 (1).jpg

Feed your competitive spirit with the addition of a few classic board games during your experience!  After all, you have two hours to enjoy Connect Four, Scrabble, Checkers, Chess or Backgammon...

Local Photographer


Carve out a portion of your picnic time to have some beautiful pictures taken.  Whether you're asking a very important question, or just hanging with the girls or family, we can help arrange a session with a local photography partner. Choose this option at checkout and we'll contact you with details.

Local Musician

Acoustic Guitar

How do you make your picnic even more romantic? Get serenaded by one of our talented local musicians with an acoustic guitar. Choose this option at checkout and we'll contact you with details.

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