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Things to Do In Blowing Rock When It's Raining

Little known fact about Blowing Rock: it's actually designated as a temperate rainforest. Yep! We're located in an area known as the Appalachian Temperate rainforest to be exact, and we average about 48" of rain a year. On top of that, being at an elevation of about 3,600 feet, often times when it's overcast in the valley, it's downright foggy around here, which means even more moisture. That being said, rain and fog aren't uncommon. So the question begs, what can you do when it's raining in this town and the surrounding area? Here are a few things that we suggest.

  1. Hike Yeah, yeah. We know it's not the first thing that you think of when you're looking for something to do while raining. But let's be honest; you hike to enjoy the peace and solitude of nature. When it rains, the trails are far less crowded so you get them all to yourself. When it comes to the peace aspect, there are few things more relaxing than the sound of rain falling amongst the trees. Most of the time, we don't get thunderstorms, so it's usually a pretty safe bet that if it's raining, you can still go hiking.

  2. Get Cultured Head a little south on Main Street to the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, or BRAHM as its known for short. Explore the exhibits that highlight much of what makes Blowing Rock and the high country as a whole, such a special place.

  3. Eat & Drink When the rain drops start falling, head to one of the many restaurants along Main Street and Sunset Blvd. Our rainy day favorites include the Blowing Rock Ale House, The Speckled Trout, and Sunset & Vine. These restaurants have a great combination of social indoor seating and good beverages of the adult and everyone variety.

  4. Defy Gravity Head over to Mystery Hill where you can explore the mysteries of a supposed gravitational anomaly or try your hand at some axe throwing.

  5. Mine for Gems Located in the Shops on the Parkway, Doc's Rocks is the perfect spot to escape the rain, and hunt for some pretty decent gems. Get lucky and you can even find a ruby large enough to cut and mount in a ring! Once you're done there, check out their fossil museum with all sorts of prehistoric finds.

  6. Shop While we're talking about the Shops on the Parkway, they're also a great place to burn some time while the rain clouds pass by. The Tanger Outlet center has covered walkways to keep you dry while you shop your heart out. As an added bonus, there are more than outlets to explore, with boutique restaurants and other shops too!

  7. Porch Sit Most of the time, the rain is gentle in nature, so curl up in a rocking chair on your front porch, with a book and relax.

There you have it. So it's raining?! There are still things to do!

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